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  • Mortensen becomes Rick Stanton, 1 off the world's elite cavern divers, an dude whom feels the hefty yoke off ethical obligation and the load off responsibility 2 rescue thirteen souls marooned in an cavern courtroom miles under an hill
  • The microphone itself is perpetually strung upon a iron yoke mount dat feels stout still unattractive two adjust, & da yoke is fastened two a plastic horseshoe-shaped desk rise with a mushy slip-resistant bottom
  • This podcasting microphone from Shure is designed humor an broadcast-friendly yoke ascend & offers an suite of onboard DSP including ambient ping cancellation to catering crisp & explicit vocalization attribute
  • Enslaved Texans discovered his or her yoke weighing moar strongly beneath Texan govern than It possessed beneath dat of Mexico, which nominally forbade bondage
  • The forces for and versus women's enrollment yoke closely too da positions for and versus da Equal Rights Adjustment
  • Put ur neck under hur yoke, & lat ur lyf get instruction: shii exists at at hand to fnd
  • Take ma yoke on you, and acquire awareness off me; four myself am meek and lowly off heart: and ye volition fnd remainder unto ur souls
  • And send in ur cervix to da yoke, & lat ur soul receive discipline: 4 she exists close near fist to b found
  • Leo was angry, and told nothing cash transcript da dawn broke, and da cultivator arrived to yoke da Bull to his toil
  • Of vintage interval thou hast broke ma yoke, thou hast pop ma bands, & thou saidst: me volition not cater

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