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Best ZONED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use zoned in a sentence

  • Her garment wuz blue and glimmering resemble the waves, decked wit H2O flowers and zoned wit crystals
  • The fragments exist frequent elegantly transparent, sometimes zoned or striped
  • The higher surface off the bracket is more willingly heavily zoned & furrowed, hence as 2 display every year's expansion
  • It exists resupinate, da bonnet existence beautifully zoned as you c in Form 351
  • The outward part exists velvety, or hairy, and zoned in varying colors
  • This bitter mushroom (Lactarius torminosus) is partly similar in figure & size, & is also zoned
  • It would be covered with warts, marked with lines (striate), or zoned with circles
  • It is powerfully zoned & sulcate, marking of apiece year's tumor
  • The genus Stereum is wooden and leathery in nature, slightly zoned, and looks resemble sum Polyporci
  • The southeastern skyline is zoned with an mellow steady melodic gang of light

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