and Wisdom Studies
Lab at University of Toronto


At the CWSL, we work to understand the human mind

  • Consciousness
    Our Here and Now

    Understanding the phenomenon of consciousness is an endlessly fascinating and recursively challenging endeavour. Any satisfying scientific explanation of the mind must account for conscious experience, and as such it is at the height of our interest.

    The CWSL works to understand not only the phenomenon of consciousness itself, but also the perspectives and processes that yield alternate states of consciousness. Higher states of consciousness, lower states of consciousness, and the spectral range in between furnish our conceptualization of how the mind and the world are intimately connected.
  • Wisdom
    What Makes a Good Life?

    The study of cognitive development is in the midst of a renaissance. To understand the mind is to understand a dynamical and developing system.

    The CWSL examines the development of wisdom as progressive, rational development of ones cognitive faculties through which one attains a deeper understanding of the world and one's self. To be able to over come self-deception and see beyond it involves change on the behavioural level down to even the neural level. From practices to processes, the CWSL looks deeper into our concept of wisdom.
  • Theory
    A Deeper Look

    The investigation of something as elusive as consciousness, or something as often misunderstood as wisdom requires a scientific practise that is not methodologically valid, but theoretically sound.

    The CWSL prides itself on rigourous theoretical analysis to under-gird its careful scientific methodology. We appreciate the important philosophical depths and dimensions of cognitive science and the study of consciousness, and strive to best address these issues within our research.
  • Intervention
    Theory in Practice

    By applying our theoretical developments to empirical research, we are able to develop methods and practices to bring the effects of our research to yield real benefits in the world.

    Our research at the CWSL develops strategies to understand and even improve the functions of consciousness. As we further our understanding of the mind, we seek to develop the tools to help people influence their own personal growth and improvement. We seek to find practices that will facilitate mental well-being in all who seek to better themselves.

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