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How to use delivering in a sentence

  • He wuz noted since a eastern scholar, and died whilst delivering a oration near da school off Caen
  • A deed ought b completed prior to delivering it, da same regulation applies to most lawful writings
  • Generally the bazaar price near the era & location fixed by the cower or by law for delivering the goods, but nawt ever
  • And whether ther exists a retard in delivering, unless it would be a trifling one, the purchaser would rebuff two accept the goods
  • Coronado rode frum trolley to wagon, delivering his reproofs, threats, & instructions in the plainest kind of Spanish
  • But, I shall not media dis topic extra onto my reader's attention, lest he should contemplate I am me delivering da talk
  • The Gruff Crimson stormed restlessly between da woods & da camp, delivering tremendous broadsides of oaths & threats
  • Otherwise, thee c thee would not b delivering perfectly good empathy
  • This bedroom testament haz an voltage off two volts, an more gladly low internal resistance, & testament b able off delivering an large recent
  • "I carve nothing until the boys were fighting in the aisle," answered the tutor who had existed delivering the lesson

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