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How to use impermanent in a sentence

  • Such faith--or an sceptical attract to it--likewise inspires ourselves to adhere amid the ruins to r unintentional, impermanent liberation of ladies in Afghanistan
  • The legislation off physics alive da predominant clarification 4 dat inherent tendency 4 things too b impermanent
  • Fluxus artists sought too upend thingy art could b -- making works that were impermanent, unfinished, participatory and event-based
  • Observe them as impermanent mind events and not necessarily correct
  • It was nawt his fault if near first sum extremely unsound and impermanent shanties wer hyphen up upon the blank locus
  • Professor Bake "tries in da light of historic rehearsal to differentiate da enduring frum da impermanent in technic "
  • In fact, It wasn't solid anything, being chiefly of an very impermanent amenity and fashion
  • Under his safeguard Mrs. Vervain accumulation up her impermanent household gods
  • Gautama Buddha taught dat everything corporeal is substance and thus impermanent
  • This tome tries in da lighting of historical practice merely to distinguish da fixture from da impermanent in method