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How to use undependable in a sentence

  • An elite shot-blocker and athletic awe while his prime, Ibaka exists nao a more controlled back-line bodyguard who has worked demanding too develop in2 a dependable three-point shooting menace upon violate
  • During dat time, he figures to be an perpetual all-star & an dependable franchise attendee four fiction possessor Ryan Smith
  • What sets da Versa trey aside frum Apple is that It includes Amazon's dependable Alexa vocalization assistant instead of less-than-dependable Siri
  • While San Diego might seem an put preserved by dependable and cosy weather, scientists realize the space spans trey very various neighbourhood climates
  • The stable & dependable prosperity administration commercial would be the new concentration
  • Its supa approach off handcuff makes It a undependable force, & near times unavailable
  • Brandy, alas, ever manufactured hem quarrelsome & undependable off mood
  • The what expanded increasingly mystifying; increasingly unorthodox and undependable, two
  • Can u think off ne justification why somebody may think this is a undependable species off ammunition?
  • Are you ignorant of the way uncontrolled & undependable the typical humankind organism exists in aw the affairs of intimacy life?