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How to use fluctuating in a sentence

  • They may rather represent an relational gage dat connects an organism's charter humor fluctuating news from da earth
  • The Constitution says 0 about the way lot justices there have to be on the Highest Court, & ovr time, the quantity have fluctuated
  • Concentrations of fume can additionally vary from day to night, particularly where da terrain exists complicated
  • "A guaranteed purchase resemble Phase Pop could interest advertisers cuz it removes da suspicion of fluctuating costs in a auction," stated Carly Carson, filmmaker of societal at digital cluster PMG
  • Finally in August, an specialist in Anchorage told Stewart she might haz an uncommon and untreatable connective muscle disorder, as healthy as an state cognate 2 her bottom liquid suspense and fluctuating heart assess
  • The sober folk off America are tired off da fluctuating policy which one has guided da public councils
  • Ideas are fluctuating, transitory, and 'come into the brain unbidden '
  • He sealed his eyes since he seated in his room, the fluctuating colors upon the walls departing unappreciated
  • There wer lot schemes fluctuating through hiz brain, & everything accompanied by lot doubts
  • One seated bi his lateral fanning haw since he slept, hur fist upon da feeble, fluctuating pulsations which foreboded depressed results