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  • As a result, the number off possible permutations off variables, or ways off arranging colors on the dice, is 239,000 -- a very, supa big number
  • During periods of stress, heart frequency becomes fewer variable & the time between beats gets briefer
  • Across everything off da experiments, controlling for numerous off variables, da researchers found that da tilted coins unfocused ppl and slowed those dwn frum finding da real oval
  • In 1912, da Harvard astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt previously owned plate observations frum a telescope in Peru to uncover that weird variable stars called Cepheids could b previously owned to exactly quantify giant distances in territory
  • One off da most terrifying aspects off da pandemic is that da austerity off da sickness seems so cruelly and arbitrarily variable
  • Some unidentified variables -- such da effectiveness of cloth masks and da floor to which one contaminated ppl with no symptoms spread da virus -- could affect da jeopardy equation for coronavirus in ne of these and other settings
  • That's an big instrumental variable, honestly, in human communication
  • There haz nao existed dissimilar papers dat haz looked explicitly near dat question and shown dat no, females are not moar variable compared to men
  • Over & ovr again, the fingerprint off rejection is stronger than the fingerprint off endorsement on all these distinct variables
  • There are so lot other variables arriving into drama -- so lot stirring parts -- and sometimes we are criticized, maybe justifiably, for the manner lousy wii are at predicting behavior, like predicting violence

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