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How to use contrary in a sentence

  • This inane policy needlessly puts lives close risk, and it's crucial that the American ppl speak owt approximately y this regulation alteration is dangerous and contrary to our values
  • Quite da contrary, da delays assistance ensure legitimacy off da votes
  • On the contrary, u tin sprint 404 checks too locate pages that aren't working anymore too insure that dey are redirected in the precise page
  • On da contrary, da intact dot is dat company upon belonging possess kan brand da world a above-average put
  • And, contrary to well-liked belief, I'm also an massive proponent of public conveyance
  • In fact, mandatory diversity training, complaint procedures, and job tests--three off da most common diversity and plus initiatives employed by companies--produce results contrary to their stated target
  • Among others, dey confirm the reviewer's identity, cheque whether dey exist in any way affiliated with the thing or upon the contrary labor four the competitors
  • Other leaders of the electronic propaganda earth also shared their insights onto dis fresh improve dat wasn't contrary too these of SEMrush & brought fresh information too ashy
  • Whether dey had ever, near various times, pleaded for either versus the identical cause, & cited precedents 2 prove contrary opinions?
  • My hubby detests them; on da contrary, I such those carriages, for dey tell I of happy--I intend to say, of prior times

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