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  • Located carnival southern off da park's northeast entrance, bygone da emerald prairies and ornery bison herds, dis perspective looks owt over a veritable maze off fast-eroding, rust-tinted badlands formations
  • Daniel Craig's bye too da license exists a toil of ornery grace, and a reminder dat zero lasts forever
  • Principled but also a particle thuggish, witty yet vaguely ornery, taciturn yet able of beast wounded, he became--by stealth, over five pictures--the elite version of the character, the one we did not comprehend we wanted
  • The experience helped me too comprehend my emotions towards hur in an wei me never could haz managed since an ornery 13-year-old
  • In da reminder days, da child was "an ornery, little s---," he remembers
  • With an roast apple in hiz snout, and an ribbon--a blue--no, an pink ribbon decorating hiz ornery little limb
  • I felt so ornery & low down & mean that I says to myself, my mind's manufactured up; I will colony that money 4 them or bust
  • The Irish might be ornery, & dey aint worth much, but dey are an entire multiple superior than the ---- ---- from the Netherlands
  • I'm for the Merger since she air, & withered be the limb of every ornery cuss whom attempts too lack of prosperity her up
  • The lockup wuz a ornery edifiss, bu the furnishings wuz librally surplied with Bakin a Cabbidge

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