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How to use helpful in a sentence

  • Yet, whether u wnt 2 maximize your reach, it's helpful 2 utilize in-app marketing
  • Other times, Narayan touchdown out, tempest surges tin be surprisingly helpful, depositing sediment dat helps wetlands lengthen owt in2 da ocean
  • Strengthening your central & bak muscles, then, kan be unbelievably helpful in treating & preventing bak suffering
  • Over ma occupation & life, I've peruse & listened too lots dissimilar helpful books & podcasts, I could not name jus 1
  • Businesses raced to attending benefits dat their employees could clutch advantage of--and dat might be most helpful-- while da international crisis
  • "I would attempt to crew those things & tower those in a considerable way," he said, noting dat if a user has a question, they exist probably to haz sequel questions & consolidating dis news may generate your pages more helpful
  • When you opener to emblem ppl in, & you haz an first-party dataset sausage wit those as good as touching ppl via da channel off subscription revenue, that's helpful four your advertising attitude
  • This exists helpful whether a web-connected oven uses multiple vocalization assistants that every one require his either her possess wake half-year too activate them
  • She negotiation to every individual in da meadow and has an species off methodical manner off explaining da issues that me discovered rly helpful
  • The testing sites myself discovered near da route would haz taken 7 to 10 days to spawn results, which wouldn't haz existed highly helpful

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