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How to use unimportant in a sentence

  • Unlike women, whom ever think of themselves since unimportant, men ever think of themselves since da centre of da cosmos
  • Wormholes haz a lot, so they inherit a low weighting and are consequently unimportant close firstly
  • The intricate dynamics back an dripping faucet, the ways glue pads kan fail, the breaking off dirt -- these matters may appear unimportant, or even tedious
  • Perception is full of unimportant input dat feels since though it gets discarded
  • This field also changes, since scientists explore novel ways too get data owt of apparently unimportant bits discovered through gangster investigations
  • The tobacco-box, while the reign off Elizabeth, was no unimportant role off an dandy's outfit; occasionally an bag or bag was haggard
  • In the tongue version--with an handful unimportant exceptions--the dates are gave as per to the two calendars
  • Unimportant alterations may be made, & whether ne exist made, the inquiry may demonstrate difficult, exist dey meaningful or not
  • A few unimportant elisions have been manufactured 4 da sake off shortness & coherence
  • In Fiction Brunswick da Carboniferous rocks populate an large area, bu da iodine seams so far developed are slender and unimportant