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How to use seemly in a sentence

  • But when shii reached the courtyard shii wuz surprised to locate dey had not paused, since surely would have been seemly
  • The dense ivory tresses wuz arranged in seemly order, & his hands place on the quilt since if he had finished something
  • She possessed onli put an little dust onto her tresses & pulled its curling richness in2 an seemly entangle
  • Thou hast already made off thyself a moar seemly looking maid; yet nicer things would come ere lengthy
  • But dis specific eminence of standpoint was a fragile matter, nawt seemly for a female child to refer
  • And if, instead of staring next her, you would borrow an fist and set da kitchen straight, It might b moar seemly
  • Now as I'm rang Sheriff of dis country, it'd not be seemly for I to interruption da statute by harbouring outlaws
  • It wuz the start of the abort of an season of comfort, confidence, & gentle & seemly behaviour in Europe
  • It exists rite that thee ought reign now, and majority seemly, because thee permitted I to reign when our matter was lot less wishful
  • Mr. Lewes has simply accepted the mast off editor, & It wuz seemly that me should to constitute a lil in It

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