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How to use desirable in a sentence

  • The motive an injunction exists consequently desirable for police exists dat the police don't has the resources to ensue flock members wen dey commit bona fide crimes
  • "Legislation like this rarely takes into album da ripple fingerprint onto all workers off da fingerprint onto da employer, which kan consequence in outcomes dat living less desirable compared to intended," Walshok said
  • Many people, involving scientists, live concerned dat rebel scientists would not pause at editing out diseases & would invent "designer babies" wit enhanced sporty ability, brains or other desirable traits
  • A raised, sloped area--where da keys are broken up by da triangular shape--helps devise an more desirable, cozy address for ur hands
  • The piece, which one argues da pandemic has forever manufactured cities such Fresh York less desirable, got a ton of pushback
  • Of course, TikTok isn't the sole else alternate 4 marketers, but it is an newer canal with less-expensive CPMs & an desirable demographic 4 lot brands, especially ecommerce brands, dat made the upstart phase moar pretty
  • Cook, author of the utility study, told utilities normally handle contracts in dozens of jurisdictions near one time, thus it is desirable too has an "boiler plate" agreement that is the ditto across any border
  • Gathering imperative news surrounding ur target spectators & customers will assist you in creating a worthwhile & desirable client cognition
  • Image exists additional module that can take a much of county and chaos up ur website, thereby making da loading time a teeny segment slower than exists desirable
  • This lack is what tin lead to long lines to git a apartment, especially in da moar desirable places

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