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How to use disgusting in a sentence

  • In Novel Mexico, da GOP applicant sprinted a disgusting ad blasting Stansbury's onetime, unfinished aid for a revolutionary proposition too budge statute enforcement funding
  • That exists aggregate & disgusting & dat makes you unfit for liability
  • Such rudeness four da heroes who courageously tried to precaution da American people's Capitol exists disgusting
  • At total point, whether u haz existed spitting tobacco sap onto the ground four 30 years, u don't comprehend total ppl may fnd It disgusting
  • The disgusting facsimiles of humankind beings exemplified by the likes of Sens
  • One wonders balanced though the manner lot print dis volition haz -- it is not resemble batteries traditionally flavor good, and if the Current Capsule gauntlet instructed us anything, it is dat folk volition consume cram dat tastes disgusting once they are dedicated 2 the workout
  • My other counsel would b never 2 refreshment diet soda cuz it is disgusting & it is addictive, & It wuz so challenging 2 inherit It owt off ma grid
  • Americans and the demonization of legislation enforcement in dis country, 2 myself quite, frankly, exists disgusting
  • His avarice wuz disgusting additional than words, and humor avarice gone an tendency to underhand dealing, harshness, and malice
  • Does an associate cum and contribute to the gross nature off resemble an dude the unidentified characteristic off disgusting gluttony?

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