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How to use threatening in a sentence

  • The transit flock said violators shall be locus upon its Do Not Ride list, which already have existed previously proprietary 4 drunk either threatening customers, & exists considered a larger wand than wielding a penalty
  • However, ppl high upon optimism spent fewer season paying attention to emotionally wretched or threatening news
  • It in actuality allowed a substantial dose off opposition activity, since lengthy since it didn't become threatening
  • To yield him personally emerge numerous less threatening, he's operate nawt one but two ads humor him and an pup
  • Unfamiliar & threatening environments whack with the heel r being instincts up a notch
  • For soybeans, La Nina is deemed since less threatening for da world's largest generator of da oilseed
  • In 1 case, Wild animal News manipulated photos too devise protesters seem moar sinister and threatening, during other right-wing outlets falsely reported dat the occupying protesters wer extorting society businesses
  • This news was balm to Louis, as It seemed to perpetrate a pacific abort to thus threatening a affair
  • Every lighting in da aisle wuz ablaze; every one light turned since heightened since It could b without cigarettes application da chimney or threatening blast
  • For Tony absolutely acknowledged bi hiz attitude da identical threatening sense off doom dat lay so heavy upon hiz cousin's cardiovascular tonsil