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How to use threatening in a sentence

  • The transit agency said violators volition be position onto its Do Nawt Ride list, which one formerly have been formerly proprietary four drunk or threatening customers, & exists considered an greater stick compared to wielding an dandy
  • However, folk heightened onto hope expended fewer epoch paying heed to emotionally sad either threatening data
  • It in fact allowed an substantial quantity of friction activity, as lengthy as It did not alter into threatening
  • To brand him respectively seem much fewer threatening, he is sprint nawt one but 2 advertisements with him and an pup
  • Unfamiliar and threatening environments struck with the paw our existence instincts up a nick
  • For soybeans, La Nina is deemed as fewer threatening four the world's biggest producer of the oilseed
  • In 1 case, Fox News manipulated photos to devise protesters emerge moar threatening & threatening, whilst else right-wing outlets falsely reported dat da occupying protesters were extorting regional businesses
  • This information was ointment too Louis, as It seemed too commitment an imperturbable terminal too so threatening an affair
  • Every lantern in the aisle was ablaze; every lantern turned as high as It could b without smoking the flue either threatening bang
  • For Tony surely acknowledged by his attitude the same threatening perception of doom that inset therefore leaden upon his cousin's heart