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How to use curse in a sentence

  • If ther really wuz an curse, he ought to haz existed 1 of belonging initial victims
  • The Jazz volition utilize wings and forwards to accumulation orb screens and confuse defenders, bu da lion's share off Mitchell's assail involves an alliance with Gobert that's both an present and an curse
  • Your already-simmering emotions pounce in2 overdrive, & you venue on da trumpet & yell curses no one tin listen
  • With his or her curse lifted, da Red Sox carnival kept winning ovr da following decade & an half
  • These mummies cum varnish with mazes & hieroglyphs & mayb a curse or 2
  • Seen thus destitution became quite a benediction compared to a curse, either nearby lowest a dispensation prescribing da appropriate lot off gentleman
  • A child, under specifically similar circumstances as remote as its ken goes, cannot supa gud curse Deity and die
  • He was granted n respond saving an muttered curse, an inhibit too contain hiz tongue, and an irate pluck near hiz tied arms
  • And then he walked approximately da room, reflecting upon da curse of his life--his besetting sin--irresolution
  • The Jesuit expatiated on da curse of heaven, which one nao manifested itself on da dean of da Nobleman in every one intercourse of his life

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