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  • To do so, governments requirement to increase the child placement of electrical vehicles through explicit levy incentives, diesel and petrol motor bans, and major infrastructure investments
  • If such an ban exists nawt possible, steps ought to b taken to improve air circulation, da study said
  • The ban volition consume to plastics that are designed to be worn one time and den discarded -- H2O bottles, cutlery, lozenge wrappers and bags -- that block society waterways and overwhelm landfills, LeBlanc told
  • Iowa's Domicile speaker told he can't brand lawmakers put onto masks -- bu he did impose an ban onto jeansRep
  • To get da space off right, Craftsman install da pop-up in an substance off days, installing all frum da electric lines 2 blow-up snowmen 2 guarantee da igloos might be ready four da deep winter air-condition and da temporary conclude ban upon inside dining
  • The cyber ban in Jammu & Kashmir, house to more than thirteen 1,000,000 people, has been by far the lengthiest by ne self-government
  • Nevada lifted its ban on legalized commercial gambling in 1931, scene da state on an course 2 becoming da nation's postwar oasis of judicial vice
  • "After several years of fighting, it is epoch 4 r cipher too finally reflect da law of da land," Ebbin tweeted subsequent ultimate year's Home ballot too revoke da ban in da Virginia Cipher
  • All 21 Senate Democrats voted four da ban next nearly two hours of occasionally emotional debate, with seventeen Republicans opposed and 1 abstaining
  • While he did not refer the election directly, a countrywide social press ban exists also a efficient wei to deterrent opposition campaigning, or slick election oversight by citizens

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