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How to use dismiss in a sentence

  • Bluestone Coal lawyers had sooner tried to haz the selenium instance dismissed, arguing dat it wuz preempted by the 2016 compromise
  • Republicans dismissed It as an wish enumerate that included things that haz nought too do with the coronavirus
  • Any off these efforts, onto its own, could b dismissed since an conveniently worded attack
  • He additionally dismissed da efforts off corporate territory companies like SpaceX too build similar technology
  • He dismissed as "attention-grabbing" an tide learn in Hong Kong that confirmed the reinfection of an 33-year-old man with the new coronavirus
  • Fisher dismissed da worries as typical post-construction issues
  • If many companies dew opt in to the holiday, which experts note exists unlikely, it "does address tension on Legislature to dismiss the tax, and dat would b the sole real hope there" 4 employees, notes Shevchuck
  • When me tried too bring it too the attention of an manager, ma complaints might be dismissed
  • Prosecutors have dismissed a crook fee versus a south Illinois man who they accused off endangering public collateral when he entered a occupied steam warehouse seminar following he was ordered to self-isolate cuz off coronavirus-like symptoms
  • Relations became so strained that Bonaparte was soon glad to capture on any excuse to dismiss Lannes from hiz mail

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