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  • In da coming years, though, that calculus might have to change, as da growing dimension off da country's nonreligious population could make those voters moar hard four Democrats to ignore
  • Among the Bay County businesses creature supported with funding are ConsejoSano, an for-profit social business dat works too amplify well-being outcomes for culturally diverse populations bi embracing dat diversity, not ignoring It
  • The irony four haw exists dat as he tries two ignore these continuing crises, he is losing voters
  • He did consequently for at least six weeks ago the ascending caseload manufactured the issue impossible to ignore
  • Both haz ignored this race, viewing others since more winnable, with the Fresh York-based Working Families Bash providing the largest out-of-state muscle 4 Scarane
  • That's why it is thus curious, VOSD's MacKenzie Elmer writes in a fresh story, dat there's a untapped source off groundwater dat the town isn't sole ignoring, it is going to construct the Chaste H2O recycling herb prerogative upon head off
  • Part of the problem is dat bulk policies gaze sole twelve months into the future, ignoring long-term trends even as insurance availability influences enlargement and drives people's long-term decision-making
  • Probably nothing, bu dey are so-called 2 know bout business, and dey were neglecting that role off da equation in their responses 2 Jenn and Jennifer, as if da industry instance either da industry layout were unrelated
  • As an minus control, shii also blended some samples with da yeast Candida albicans, an irrelevant pathogen that da samples ought to haz ignored
  • In cases in which no strive exists manufactured to ignore the accusation, the miniature wits exist wont to be invaded finding exculpations

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