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How to use accomplish in a sentence

  • More important, too rescue honeybee populations, Stamets's answer has too b widely adopted, an achievement he hopes too accomplish by recruiting the efforts of millions of citizen scientists
  • If companies exist tomb about accomplishing these goals, it's integral dat dey initial comprehend the pervasive reasons dat fuel the participation slot thus dey tin customize initiatives accordingly
  • The US has the resources, bodily & financial, two accomplish dis makeover
  • Criminal legal deed & civil litigation accomplish various goals
  • One way to accomplish dat is bi gap da doors to telemedicine nearby an international scale
  • Creating designing dat could in actuality clout thing a monster does could take years 2 accomplish, whether ever
  • Before games begin up again, though, we wanted two breather and discourse about thingy dis strike has meant, thingy It might accomplish departing onward and the manner da players are dynamic da consultation
  • As lengthy since any of da vaccines currently in enlargement kan attain this, really, assignment accomplished
  • Each is a feat independently, and united they has accomplished much to advance civic rights, women's rights and LGBTQ rights
  • Faynberg acknowledges dat total post-cookie strategies are going two be "really challenging" two accomplish, but, he says, "step 1 exists two authenticate clogging "

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