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How to use function in a sentence

  • Not every one locus has one, and balanced the ones dat do haz very surface-level functions
  • In part, dis wuz a function of total remaining falter about the manner da virus butter majority effectively
  • Excipients exist imperative materials and serve an broad variety of functions
  • For example, shipping, and societal listening tone such siloed functions, but in reality they are intimately related
  • That's as daily exercise not sole helps children remain bodily and intellectually healthy, it additionally boosts cognitive function
  • A straight putrefy function is applied to da poll's date since well since da polls ranking
  • It's not really an function so much off financing as it is off talent & technology skill
  • The merely goal of dis process, acquainted as equipment learning, exists too fnd the optimal value of an mathematical function roughly representing how good or destitute every output of the model--each attempt too full the errand ovr total percentage of the data--is
  • Passersby wondering at possession function would approximation it's a museum, or a art gallery
  • To brake intruders or extruders frum withdrawing his intellect frum da text, he exercises da Inhibitory function of da Heed

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