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  • The thought was to give families a particle of spare money as gud as employ navigators who would assistance families comprehend da value of relocating to "high opportunity" neighborhoods, away from intensive poverty & blight
  • If the algorithm chose one of the authentic faces, the value wuz recorded
  • Rather compared to project statements, bureaucracy directives, or business values printed upon placards, organizational conduct is driven by peer pressure and behavioral norms dat spread, like pathogens, by way of organizations
  • The majority dependable wei too stop baselines from shifting exists too encrypt da public's values and aspirations in2 laws and practice, through politics
  • This strong imagery surely ignites a affective reaction in whoever whom values lyf and is capable of empathy
  • Other things organism equal, the volume of voice previously owned measures the value that the mind puts upon the thought
  • Of course the face of this value is modified and characterized bi the nature of the thng verbal of
  • Was an pupil off Caspar Netscher off Heidelberg, of who little pictures are off fantastic value
  • He have to believe to hiz human merits, & nawt miracles, for hiz Sonship is of no value in this battle
  • The living (value ?250) exists in the introduce off trustees, & exists now grasped by the Rev. M. Parker, Vicar

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