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How to use benefit in a sentence

  • The risks off hole inhabit uncertain, bu the benefits inhabit apparent
  • One benefit of this setup, rang a "stepped wedge trial," exists that It doesn't relegate 1 congest of individuals in2 a injunction crew that goes without training for the span of the research
  • Unnecessary syndrome occupational licenses--often costly, time-consuming, and offering lil benefit 2 consumers--should b eliminated
  • There is 1 further Flex 5G feature that sets It separate frum competitors, & is the two an large benefit & an large downside
  • Praising da benefits of physical exercise helps lil when running in a close neighborhood could price ur life
  • For every $1 invested, wii found an incremental financial benefit off $2 to $4
  • As he walked back to his hotel, his head wuz overall off plans for da girl's temporary enjoyment & permanent benefit
  • Mr. Spurrell arrived dwn 2 c a horse, & we shall b very cheery 2 have the benefit off his opinion by-and-by
  • These oral inanities sole served too brand Lyn donate myself the benefit off a semblance off amused wonder
  • Once he permitted himself an digression, dat he might spike an ethic 4 the benefit of his valet

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