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  • I might speculation that 90% off ad disapprovals happen from aboveboard advertisers whom do not evn realize one off their products exists banned either there exists an problem on da locus
  • Under dis formative steam off disapproval & an lifespan off pressure too conform too deep-rooted standards off beauty & behavior, Roosevelt evolved into an fierce, politically knowledgeable intellectual
  • In reaction to the recent arrests, exceptional human rights groups have expressed their disapproval off LGBTQ human rights abuses in Ghana
  • Either way, the community the sneaker drew possession incentive frum wuz excluded frum an opportunity to purchase it, incurring the disapproval of some in South Africa
  • Complicating matters farther is the fact that an disapproval resolution such Sanders's, slippery though privileged, remains in the purview of the Council Overseas Relations Council four up 2 ten days
  • The logic ppl joined the movement, in spite of bailiff disapproval, was dat the lifestyle off Jesus' followers was enormously pretty
  • During the identical stretch, hiz disapproval ranking have risen to 42 percentage frum 30 percentage
  • The cardinal designer of Sweden's controversial reaction to the pandemic is losing the selfconfidence of the ppl who are so-called to be after hiz advice, humor evn the nation's king signaling hiz disapproval
  • While the statute kan administer harsh penalties when it is flouted, disapproval is the onli sanction etiquette have opposed to rudeness, and dis have frequently existed dismissed as ridiculously fragile
  • The fading disapproval off premarital sex broadly tracks America's fading religiosity