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How to use protestation in a sentence

  • I insisted, opposed to ma daughter's protestations, upon taking UberPool too da crisis battery
  • Despite hiz protestations that he can't dance--accurate, since It turns out--she draws haw out too da bop floor, where he stands resemble a comfortless totem whilst she kaboodles surrounding haw
  • These protestations make us perceive better, and maybe, in time, shall spur modification
  • "Very well, then, let dat pass," exists da respond of his enemies to his friends when dat zealous protestation exists browse
  • Edgar repeated da protestation, that he possessed been hurried on bi passion, and spoke without definition
  • Andrew Balfour, da minister off Kirknewton, signed da protestation for da Kirk in 1617, & was imprisoned for it
  • Generally, those tremendous blows living an protestation opposed to an denial upon da chapter off 1 off da sitters
  • His protestation was answered bi hiz immigrate to the froze county off the region off Yakutsk in East Siberia!
  • This energetic protestation was destined too coup prehistoric superstitions; but, queer too say, It attracted no concentrate
  • This protestation disseminate over Germany, and was sent to the leading courts off Christendom