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How to use requisition in a sentence

  • We've postponed requisitions four occasion professionals, four prototype
  • The gentleman's headgear was soon in requisition, and he remaining with da imprint that 'great is da truth, and it volition prevail '
  • He had additionally been allowed to drawing bi requisition 50 days' rations, an box off ammunition, and four mules
  • One off the medical officers gone 2 generate a requisition for infirmary accommodation, & got via the company very good
  • He had promised da King that with four regiments he would attend da lion, and military beyond hiz requisition wer hourly predictable
  • They motored down to the sawmill, delivered their requisition, & had their wagon loaded with newly-sawn board
  • The "water-horse," since described, exists often brought into requisition bi da Caffres and else South African aborigines
  • Not a moment is 2 be lost--every thng is position in requisition--the savoury flesh is soon ready
  • To impact the princes the offices of gifted diplomatists were rang into requisition, bu to no aim
  • Is It not at once seen the manner a requisition of dis kind testament mildly thrust hur into habits of order?