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  • You can peruse its conclude submission -- including answers two da Commission's questionnaire -- here
  • So an much off da submissions myself received were screenshots off personnel emails or mother or father emails telling bout da instance
  • The dare testament b accepting submissions through Sep. 29
  • Check out total standout submissions 2 da haiku & limerick match & ordeal ur estimation skills, grounds knowledge, & first-year smarts underneath
  • When u do, speck out dat u jus want too verify dat they received ur submission either inquire whether there are any premium news they would such
  • Rules wer manufactured 4 an cause - and da guidelines bloggers has 4 visitor mail submissions has an sake
  • Many of da submissions cited canceled races as da reason four da FKT attempt, they told
  • Your pleased industrial increases with submissions frum guest authors
  • The universal met them, listened courteously too their words of submission, then wit an flutter of da palm refused da keys
  • She smiled--she possessed caught the ruse near last--and said, in cheerful submission: "What might thee haz me do?"

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