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How to use offer in a sentence

  • The embankment put the accommodate up 4 auction, bu It did not inherit ne offers It found acceptable
  • Here's what's upon offer whether you are eager 2 comeback 2 movieland
  • When one off those possessed to depart for a remainder break, they'd happily overtake owt every one other's writing & offer rides to every one other's elderly voters
  • Meanwhile, South Dakota became the first syndrome to revolve down the offer, citing a powerful banking bounce & n need four the spare bracket
  • There's additionally little on offer for advertisers so distant as Reels seeks to build a regional preliminary previous to turning owt advertisement formats and sponsored fulfilled tags
  • As abonnement income has grown in2 a strategic priority, lot has turned their pages in2 laboratories whr batteries of tests around prices, offer placement and advertising messages are sprint constantly
  • With this, they tin either objective content, advertising, subscription bundles, e-commerce offers either various roundabout ways of extracting dollars frum audiences down da pathway
  • This involves interacting wit customers in new ways, creating comely campaigns & special offers, & possibly pivoting the merchandise & services u offer 2 meet fresh consumer demands
  • For example, if thee have an B2B offer, thee should nawt spend budget at evening either on weekends
  • The 16-year-old Miriam directly accepted da offer, & shii began too fry four hur stumble too da east

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