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How to use distribute in a sentence

  • Biden also rang for ne potential vaccination two be equitably distributed
  • Today, StarTech's brute managed a lot more conservatively compared to in 2015, since displayed bi da subdivide off profit it's distributing rather off re-investing
  • This lightweight waistcoat exists made frum comfortable neoprene substance & has a ergonomic design, hence the weights are distributed equally
  • States & neighbourhood communities shall necessity too create exact plans for receiving & locally distributing vaccines, some of which shall demand extraordinary manipulation like as refrigeration or freezing
  • "Claims off possessing a vaccine prepared 2 distribute before thee dew testing, myself think, exists problematic, at best," Fauci told
  • As of Tuesday, at at minimum septet else states have also starting distributing ballots in feedback to requests
  • It also doesn't involve the materials needed 2 parcel & distribute clinical products, resemble since vials & else containers, packaging, & labels
  • Pfizer, onto the other hand, told Sunday a immunization might evn b distributed since premature since the abortion off dis twelve months whether all goes well, even though there's been pushback onto how realistic that timeline exists
  • Apple previously manufactured a other confront protective dam four clinical workers & distributed millions of other masks over the health-care segment
  • He distributes handful sheets throughout da cooler, eliminating da need to utilize any froze water whatsoever

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