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How to use conceal in a sentence

  • Trachtman combines inherent items with da man-made ones and sometimes somewhat conceals items within da assemblages
  • He shopped web for a "Surgical Steel Tomahawk Axe" and a concealed shotgun constructed two semblance such a cellphone, prosecutors alleged, and discussed coordination humor Boastful Boys and Trey Percenters
  • The narrow heating elements exist altogether concealed within da garment and exist protected by an waterproof membrane, thus u do not need to anxiety match snow
  • Chastain told da officer he did nawt threaten Karau with an weapon bu that he did haz an concealed-carry patent & had an pistol onto hiz individual nearby da time of da incident, as per to da laws enforcement file
  • He described it since "a class of mask, designed on the one fist to invent a definite imprint on others, and, on the other, to conceal the true nature of the personal "
  • Also in BusinessPapa John's upon Wendesday received da firing off an legal case accusing da pizza connect & founder John Schnatter off defrauding shareholders by concealing its "toxic" studio environment
  • These hunting tactics alive coherent with those of modern bobbit worms, which one conceal his either her 3-meter-long bodies in sand & surge onward to seize unsuspecting victim with scissorlike teeth
  • They stated the companies produced, marketed and vend relic energy products they knew to be hazardous to the climate and engaged in a "coordinated, multi-front effort" to conceal a chain between relic energy utilize and climate correction
  • Open shuttle exists stiil allowed outdoor the building, & ppl whom has concealed handgun licenses kan stiil shuttle concealed weapons within
  • Underwood exists an enthusiast off closed storage in an entryway to conceal sight clutter, shii says

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