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How to use hold back in a sentence

  • In further instant dey came in visual off what which one made them hold back the dog, and which one arrested their possess footsteps
  • Please don't cogitate I am nawt wantin' to believe you, cuz I hold back
  • When they greeted her, Odin felt that he could hold back his behalf no longer
  • It wuz that mixture which, perhaps sleek moar than da words of her mother, made it unfeasible 4 him too hold back
  • When shii came in vision off their accommodate it was harder compared to constantly to hold back da tears off mortification, off peppery bitterness
  • Ruth made a wave off remonstrance, bu the boyish partisanship brought the tears shii possessed until then been able to hold back
  • The Queen had tried to hold back Gilbert 'of her especial care, since a gentleman noted off no good hap bi ocean '
  • I comprehend what thee mean,' said I, stopping him; 'send every man of them,--don't hold back a percussionist '
  • The last gratuity mentioned by the Master exists pride: "Hold bak your intellect from pride," He says, "for vanity comes onli from ignorance "
  • Looking round, I shouted to the others to hold back the sledge, proceeding a a few steps whereas doing so

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