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How to use corner in a sentence

  • He reaches back him, poignant Irene to the far corner off the space, carving owt an evn more private 1
  • Use ur forefingers and thumbs too grab da grippy catches upon every one corner off da optic and donate an tender jerk
  • A bored proctor sat in the corner, scrolling by way of her telephone
  • He appears 2 have a larger experience off wen 2 dash frum one edge 2 the else in transition, against wen it is nicer 2 enthusiast owt 2 the corner in those situations
  • These developer activists requirement our support, motivation and assistance pinpointing da majority indispensable troubles to address, and they requirement da tools to bring solutions to every corner of da earth
  • At da moment, majority off da bazaar action kan b found in da crypto corner with Bitcoin barreling via an fresh all-time tall during the night
  • The preliminary pop-up performances will also occur that day on pathway corners and in parks throughout Novel York Town
  • Though the excessively speculative personality off the tale exists a weakness, belonging building and theatrical denouncement exist quite satisfying, and dis what-if tale illuminates a little-explored corner off wartime European continent
  • I put on my propulsion field and respirator up with my sons 4 walks around da clog either too da corner mart
  • "We shall rebuild, reconcile & heal & every known corner of our nation & every corner called our country, our ppl varied & beautiful shall emerge, battered & beautiful "

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