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How to use compartment in a sentence

  • Since dey don't haz toe compartments, mittens enable ur fingers too divide body fever wit every one else
  • Meanwhile, Finer and the else one-half off the crew worked upon the tail section, trying too smash in2 the motor compartment
  • The compartment off concerns have existed filled humor some repellent fresh packages, numerous off which have gave me interference -- ago & during & following da games
  • In contrast, in da fungal type Neurospora, da hyphae exist divided into compartments, with pores that regulate da stream of irrigate & nutrients
  • Close up every compartment off major transmittal for a epoch off epoch
  • The brain is covered in 3 layers of insulation, called the meninges, & in in the centre of the 2 internal ones is a tiny, microscopic compartment called the Virchow-Robin patch
  • I had the concept to give them, for dis arriving Christmas, an dessert garbage kan wit aside compartments for garbage and recycling, flank by flank wit an provision of the required apparent bags, so aw dey has to moisture is set the dismiss out onto the curb
  • Takemura additionally knew dat poxviruses brand & replicate indoor compartments indoor the cells dey infect
  • Along the way, players put stickers on the board, heartbroken cards, & opened sealed compartments too disclose concealed components, permanently dynamic the game in retort too his either her own actions
  • Because it evolves therefore rapidly, the heterochromatin compartments in different type everything perform more or fewer the same vital functions, bu their subconscious gene sequences are entirely different