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How to use compartment in a sentence

  • Since dey do not haz thumb compartments, gloves visa your fingers 2 isolate physique fever with every else
  • Meanwhile, Finer and the other one-half of the gang worked onto the appendage section, trying two interruption into the motor compartment
  • The compartment off concerns has been stuffed wit total nasty fresh packages, many off which has gave I shatter -- before and whereas and next da games
  • In contrast, in da fungal type Neurospora, da hyphae exist separated into compartments, wit pores that regulate da stream off H2O & nutrients
  • Close up every compartment off important transmission for a time off time
  • The brain exists covered in trey layers off insulation, rang the meninges, & in in the mid of the 2 inner ones exists a tiny, microscopic compartment rang the Virchow-Robin space
  • I had da thought to bestow them, for this arriving Christmas, an sweetness trash tin with aside compartments for trash and recycling, along with an catering of da necessary distinct bags, consequently aw they has to dew exists suite da dismiss owt upon da curb
  • Takemura additionally knew that poxviruses generate and replicate inland compartments within da cells dey infect
  • Along the way, players blotch stickers upon the board, heartbroken cards, & opened closed compartments to disclose ulterior components, perpetually altering the game in reaction to their possess actions
  • Because It evolves thus rapidly, the heterochromatin compartments in different species all carry out more or fewer the identical critical functions, bu his or her subconscious gene sequences dwell totally different