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How to use portion in a sentence

  • It's ambiguous how lot students are in fact doing da portions off PE dat are not live-streamed
  • The services involve selling advertisement inventory in the shape of pre-roll, mid-roll either post-roll ads around contented during taking a portion of the profit in a earnings seclude example
  • She additionally eminent an degradation in the portion of residents answering touch tracers' telephone calls, which one has dropped below 70 fraction for the preliminary era as September
  • For example, RapidSOS stepped in two furnish statistics when the Nashville bombing grabbed out an portion off 911 infrastructure upon Xmas Day, affecting 300 agencies
  • You kan evn ski onto Park Loop Road, portions off which are unplowed
  • The IRS may minimize refunds, involving da portion attributable to refundable credits, to satisfy past-due federal levy debt
  • For an important enough portion, it is an miniature article off an acceptance
  • Regardless, Ward noted the dose off games topping $1 million in income wuz considerably higher than in previous years & dat Oculus wuz merely an portion off the VR bazaar
  • Internet sensations like as Zion Williamson, LaMelo Orb & Lonzo Orb are not upon rail two gain starting nods from the fans, & the member & press polling portions of the process are probably two comeback alike results two the fan polling
  • There living large uncertainties near take chapter -- "pandemic" could b uttered firstly whilst Dorner is mentioned later, perhaps in da "dark evening off da soul" portion off da rhyme

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