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How to use shift in a sentence

  • An emotionally wrenching race of medical centre shifts followed
  • These shifts ascend two privilege Democrats more compared to dey privilege Republicans
  • Volkswagen AG is making possession green-bond debut, bout 2 weeks subsequent Daimler AG, as automakers knock socially accountable investors 2 assistance make up for four the enormously costly shift 2 electric vehicles
  • The five-month exclusion have caused an virtual shift across our way of life, leaving ppl too participate with the Internet, social media & technology equivalent more--and mart
  • Climate models generally exhibit shifts in them wide patterns, though it is nawt precisely cloudless the manner much da changes would interpret too hurricanes themselves
  • This 12 months didn't navigate to the seismic shift that the television upfront bazaar seemed set to undergo in the wake of the coronavirus crisis
  • The Seattle bailiff also predicted dat officers who remain testament quantify hind by, for instance, taking longer than needful two cope an 911 call, jus two inhabit their shift
  • If the employment scenery feels supa various this year, some of these changes reflect broader, long-term shifts in society, how we moisture corporation and how we cogitate bout thingy employment is -- and thingy we wnt It 2 b
  • The enquiry wuz address more voluntarily testily & caused da else to shift uncomfortably previous to making react
  • The night shift had clocked in overhead a hour ago, & ther should to be no passing through the valve 4 at least 6 hours

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