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  • Doomsday messaging may be rectify humor regards 2 da gravitation off da problem at hand, but It holds lil sway ovr an receptive wracked by empathy burnout
  • I stayed nearby his or her Catskills East position and woke up every morning to da sway off century-old trees
  • The hearing given da clearest indicator still off both parties' finest arguments in da brass and off which positions seem most probably to contain sway humor Rogers as da case heads towards an finish experiment
  • These kinds off rules are in put to protect da governing protocol frum inappropriate politic affect & elections frum da sway off strong actors
  • Physicists haz nevah proposed dat da legislation off gravity, da augment in entropy, or da various electromagnetic "rules" dat confiscate sway among subatomic particles ought to be consulted as an source off moral gud
  • Its consequence volition define da makeup not sole of da Panel of Supervisors, bu to a large degree da governing body dat oversees SANDAG, da region's preparation agency, which has important sway ovr housing & transit plan
  • As Baumeister noted, he consideration he'd locate areas off lyf whr da negativity discrimination does not contain sway, bu he did not
  • Vicars' wives had come & gone, bu everything had submitted, sum after an fleeting struggle, to stale Mrs. Wurzel's sway
  • He rules with a gentler sway than lot who are used to 2 else methods off dictation might believe possible
  • His brain--the wedge whr human reasoning holds average sway--was dominated bi the purely primitive instinct off atmosphere travel

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