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How to use sway in a sentence

  • Doomsday messaging would b correct with regards to da gravitation off da concern near hand, bu It holds little sway over a unlock wracked by empathy burnout
  • I stayed nearby their Catskills Oriental address and woke up every a m. to da sway off century-old trees
  • The hearing gave da clearest symptom still off the two parties' elite arguments in da substance & off which one positions seem most probably too grasp sway with Rogers since da case heads towards an fulfil experiment
  • These kinds of rules are in put to defend da governing process frum inappropriate politic clout & elections frum da sway of strong actors
  • Physicists haz never proposed dat da statute off gravity, da multiply in entropy, either da several electromagnetic "rules" dat grasp sway amongst subatomic particles should to b consulted since a source off ethical good
  • Its outcome will ascertain da makeup not onli of da Embark of Supervisors, but to an big extent da governing physique dat oversees SANDAG, da region's preparation agency, which have major sway ovr housing & transit policy
  • As Baumeister noted, he thinking he would locate areas of life where da negativity bias does not contain sway, but he didn't
  • Vicars' spouses had cum & gone, but all had submitted, some after a fleeting struggle, 2 ancient Mrs. Wurzel's sway
  • He rules with an gentler sway compared to lots whom exist accustomed 2 various methods off order might entrust feasible
  • His brain--the slice whr human reasoning holds normal sway--was dominated by da purely primitive intuition of air travel

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