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How to use steady in a sentence

  • Her legs shook & she sat upon hur hands to effort & steady herself
  • Within these systems can be wide swaths of steady rainfall rang stratiform regions, Gramling says
  • That's corroborated by data from job-search websites such as Indeed, which additionally shows an decelerating trend off occupation listings subsequent steady gains sooner in the summertime
  • While wearable health devices saw an uptick in shipments in North America for Q2, da universal dollar quantity of da market remained steady, as per 2 fresh numbers out of Canalys
  • They kan timepiece & tightly scale since da vortex loops combine & develop into turbulence, scan possession steady state, topic It two several forces & tweaks two c the manner It responds, & lair stop nourishing It & learn possession decay
  • In tide months, an primary concern have been ensuring an steady pork deliver
  • At the time, Ellie Mae wuz making slow bu steady breakthrough attracting users
  • Yet ther have been slow & steady tumor of vocalization useg upon smartphones ovr da bygone decade or therefore as Siri's prelude
  • I'm fortunate me haz da category of job me do and my crew exists competent to persevere to haz steady employment in aw of dis but ther jus comes a dot where da dollar dose isn't worth da psychological fare
  • A much of publications has seen their propaganda revenue carnival tank ovr the course of the crisis, but folks whom has a subscriber basis -- thee know, it's much moar steady as thee persevere two catering worth

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