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How to use scrupulous in a sentence

  • He had noticed that sum of his patients tended to get cavities at supa tall rates, smooth even though dey were absolutely scrupulous about brushing and flossing, and else patients did basically zero and dey got n cavities at everything
  • These kinds off human details are hard too git & we have too b absolutely scrupulous match our facts in what we say
  • Critics like as Sean Wilentz haz called owt da MacArthur Fellowship "Genius Grant" recipient's published morsel as "a scrupulous regard four factual accuracy," whilst former Speaker of da Home Newt Gingrich called It "brainwash "
  • To us, that's equal more logic 2 scrub da diamond between renters, nawt 2 refer dat da door 2 a deck wit a sea opinion exists likely 2 b a "high touch" space in necessity off scrupulous cleansing
  • I haz compensated scrupulous attention two everything of the receptive dole recommendations, & haz done as asked
  • Among American avant-garde painters, Guston wuz the most scrupulous approximately questioning the premises off abstraction
  • It possessed faced onli 1 third down, a third & 1 that seemed total egregious inconvenience in necessity of scrupulous trial
  • Other social platforms have lately become moar scrupulous match political advertisements
  • Keen and canny, dey propel an near bargain but, scrupulous and conscientious, utter It faithfully
  • The labor in pressing and twisting is completely done by hand, and attended to humor the most scrupulous issue

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