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How to use truthful in a sentence

  • The Washington Post's Geoffrey Fowler discovered sum apps were not organism truthful bout his either her privacy policies in his either her labels, & that could make a untrue view of security for consumers
  • What's needed exists an serious, truthful Hustle Limbaugh 2 come upon da scene in traditionalist lecture
  • We have to take part local leaders, churches, activists, doctors, and ppl in every neighborhood in America as gud as celebrities off every stripe to get truthful vaccine messages owt to da receptive
  • The university declined to invent Bouquet approachable bu acknowledged Stockstill possessed questioned if da attendee was being truthful
  • Clinesmith said he thinking nearby da time he was inserting truthful input
  • The Swiss person person shortly discovered out dat in Hephzibah he wuz dealing with a truthful girl; for da tale, although oft repeated, nevah varied
  • Deception, consequently vindictive 2 hur truthful soul, shii was compelled 2 transportation upon equal versus hur trusting spouse
  • Letters off Recommendation should to be truthful, polite, & carefully considered
  • She grabbed the note frum hur pocket & pondered every word; the cruel, truthful words!
  • "I have," said Jim, in a tone & with a glare thus serious & truthful that Nora required no further confidence

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