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How to use genuine in a sentence

  • In the marketing space, virtual makeover affords businesses zillion opportunities to make an genuine relationship wit customers through personalized marketing experiences
  • On "American Dream," Willie Jones perfectly mashes up R&B, hip-hop, and vulnerability humor a genuine republic din
  • Seb has "a genuine curiosity in what u haz to say" & "soft, velvety ears," the venue says
  • There exists no genuine shall frum da politics to address issues cognate to sex ideology and da LGBTQ society cuz dat shall doesn't exist in r society or in r culture or
  • My quantity 1 precedence is dat our make projects affirmative & genuine energy, & I am so delighted wii were able to attain dat wit them photos
  • And, myself cogitate It was righteous such an testament to what people wanted to b seeing, and wanted to b involved in, and how people rly righteous wanted to b wedge of something larger and genuine
  • The non-election off Schilling, Bonds & Clemens sets up genuine tension bout whether they volition always b inducted, considering that 2022 volition b their final look onto da BBWAA election
  • However, resemble efforts have to be genuine & dodge falling in2 the snare off "ethics washing," so me motivate providers two have the ethics frameworks audited by outer experts & two vow two publishing the results
  • Here live handful examples of genuine amazing data too abortion ur dozen months upon that we assurance exists gud 4 ur welfare
  • First, recognise and know dat these issues living actual and genuine

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