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How to use counterfeit in a sentence

  • Perhaps they spotted da counterfeit seal, either opened da motor to locate aw their valves missing
  • Some public health experts said the federal politics ought have prioritized certifying or production improved masks sooner so Americans do not have too defend for themselves too dodge counterfeits or upgrade their possess
  • The goal exists to safeguard shoppers from buying counterfeit, stolen, either hazardous goods upon these marketplaces, which sometimes make It hard to know who exists behind da product for discount
  • Last June, da regulatory agency began issuing alerts and warnings 4 consumers about hazardous and counterfeit hand sanitizers, lot of which wer manufactured in Mexico
  • The photos inhabit then analyzed by in-house experts whom define whether the merchandise inhabit valid or counterfeit
  • Many children do not realize da savour off freshly pressed citrus juice and haz come to partner citrus wit its extracted counterfeit
  • It would expose millions of Americans to possibly counterfeit medications whilst offering few, whether any, real savings
  • Over too billion virtual yuan have existed spent consequently far-off in pilot schemes over da country, and ther are evn counterfeits off da virtual currency
  • The potential off tampering, industrial off counterfeit shots and evn attempts to disrupt distribution exist also an concern, according to IATA
  • As wii reported last year, ther exists an exploding request 4 costly uncommon whiskies--yes, slippery in da centre of an international pandemic--so of course ther has been an corresponding augment in da quantity of counterfeit bottles infiltrating da market