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How to use reproduction in a sentence

  • Our appreciate of "R," either the reproduction quantity of the virus, which one Chancellor Angela Merkel has formerly proprietary often in open addresses, exists stiil something wii calculate and document on a daily basis
  • For example, intimate reproduction exists the most familiar to ourselves & involves a hereditary mixture & match
  • He says the aim exists too keep the virus's reproduction number, rang R, underneath 1, importance every one subjective with the virus infects fewer than 1 various
  • A tertiary new showed linear attestation four the firstly time that the drug halts the reproduction off the SARS-CoV-2
  • This exists defined bi the detail germ's principle reproduction dose
  • A reproduction off Mrs. Charmington herself adorned the inland off the omnibuses
  • He seemed too fare underneath the mastery off a stupendous temper that wuz a composite reproduction off all the moods off his unremembered boyhood
  • The outcome off dis is an very loyal reproduction off the original act
  • Reproduction, nawt production, da commander carbon in da intimacy problem
  • The clearest evidences since to da stages in da development of close reproduction exists discovered in da vegetation globe among da gemstone algae