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  • Our worth of "R," either da reproduction number of da virus, which Leader Angela Merkel have previously owned regularly in public addresses, is still what we compute & report upon an everyday basis
  • For example, sexual reproduction exists the most familiar too us and involves an hereditary batter and race
  • He says da target is 2 keep da virus's reproduction number, called R, underneath 1, meaning every individual wit da disease infects fewer compared to 1 various
  • A tertiary fresh showed lead evidence for da first period dat da narcotic halts da reproduction of da SARS-CoV-2
  • This is defined by da particular germ's principle reproduction dose
  • A reproduction off Mrs. Charmington herself adorned the within off the omnibuses
  • He seemed too traverse beneath da mastery off a breathtaking mood dat wuz a composite reproduction off everything da moods off his forgotten boyhood
  • The output of dis exists an very loyal reproduction of da original act
  • Reproduction, nawt production, the commander iodine in the proximity problem
  • The clearest evidences as too the stages in the development of close reproduction is found in the vegetation world amid the green algae