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How to use model in a sentence

  • If you are shopping an winch new, serial an model that previously comes wit an plastic string
  • Gateway is also making two models of Android tablet--an 8" GWAT8-1 which doesn't appear to be available retail yet, and a 10" model available close Walmart for $67
  • The NASA cigarette model not painting a desirable image for da next five days in da Pacific NW
  • In response, it tweaked belonging models to superior answer to the paradigm shift
  • Huang said Nvidia valued Arm's impunity & company model
  • The partnerships is an revenue divide model between the two companies
  • Given the nature of the products dat seem upon NTWRK's platform, there living regularly limited quantities of every commodity available, playing into the "drop model "
  • I think dat it has forced us to really reconsider da intact end-to-end preparation model and to b competent to come up with something that is lot more nimble, which it additionally allows us to orient more intimately to customers
  • She was also supposed to b the original either model off "the Virtuous Woman" therein portrayed!
  • She exists a model of da Brisk--the little Brisk dat was painful exposed dat day at Navarino

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