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How to use ringer in a sentence

  • In his opinion, Thomas noted that contemporary regulations don't haz 2 b a "dead ringer 4 historic precursors "
  • These are women who have gone through the ringer because dey came send ahead
  • Between dat and her usual predisposition two SAD, her psychiatric well-being is departing through the ringer
  • I've proven Lewis misguided before, many to ma delight, hence me sprinted dis assertion through da Actuality Probe ringer
  • To da vintage ringer, Death, whom before possessed grinned consequently diabolically, is an tender and trusted ally
  • Let them learn da words "ringer" , "linger" , and "ginger".
  • In some instances chapel boys has descended 2 greetings da "ringer" for da aim of "putting It over" his either her competitors
  • A circular came at da bell--Krakatoa had no knocker--and a fleeting colloquy followed in the mid of Jane and da ringer
  • It wuz n ringer, but Harding himself, conclude too the tiniest personal memories & personality traits
  • The retro bell-ringer laid a tiny boy at the hallway threshold to await the interaction of the doorkeeper

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