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How to use opposite in a sentence

  • The trajectory off da Sun, meanwhile, is da opposite off Chicago's excursion
  • Though this might appear such still another endeavour to "get tough" upon China, It performs jus da opposite
  • Unfortunately, national officials exist doing jus da opposite
  • Steve Levitt tries too research more roughly this one-time academic & Hollywood non-conformist, who is both supa comparable too haw & additionally quite his opposite
  • It possessed the opposite effect next Republicans protested the vary
  • Twisting means the ends off the pipe are bent in opposite directions, balanced while the pipe remains linear
  • These country coyotes were aw moar related 2 every else than 2 ne of the urban coyotes -- sleek even though some of the country coyotes lived upon opposite sides of Los Angeles
  • A bite-size fixed-blade dagger kan be attached upside dwn to the front of the shoulder girdle opposite your potent palm
  • The physician didn't construe hur reasoning, & It's ambiguous whether shii was aware that da dietitian asked 2 frequency Johnson for malnutrition had determined da opposite jus hours earlier
  • I'm poignant too da opposite lateral of da republic in an a handful days after 12 years on da Oriental Shore

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