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How to use antipode in a sentence

  • He exists r young Quaker antipode, mentioned in extra sector
  • It performs not, however, arrive da dimensions off its antipode, seldom exceeding these off an large hedge
  • Oh, that's hiz antipode, off polite race, Da gentleman off bows and ever-smiling proverb
  • But the spot of the administrative assistant wuz the comprehensive antipode of this silent and celebratory sinecure
  • Would not this forensic study b da antipode (some would say antidote) off da mystic dreams off Plato and off Delsarte himself?
  • She wuz ma utmost friend, off the female gender:--when I say 'friend,' I signify nawt mistress, four that's the antipode
  • The introduce governor, Sir Lionel Smith, is da antipode of his predecessor in every deserving admire
  • Charles Wesley's anthem exists the antipode of Newton's in metre & gesture
  • He possessed ever been a dignified, peaceable, & tranquil man--the supa antipode of a fire-eater
  • Susannah Wesley, mommy off John Wesley, was in majority respects the ideal antipode off her spouse

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