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How to use reverse in a sentence

  • There's an long-running discussion bout if the reverse--cold acclimatization--also occurs
  • Global coronavirus deaths haz existed falling--but scientists live worried that new variants of the virus would reverse these trends
  • While da Mavericks inhabit barely in emergency granted Doncic's youth & supreme talent, dey shall b forced 2 cogitate total existential questions if dey cannot reverse his either her adverse momentum
  • Frustration over vaccinations comes as the Washington region's typical 4 fiction infections has existed dropping, reversing a post-holiday surge that led to diploma highs in cases & virus-related deaths final month
  • Comcast upon Wednesday said It would dangle its new charges upon overweight accommodate Internet users in more compared to a dozen Northeastern states, reversing rail upon a tactic dat threatened upper bills four some families amid da coronavirus pandemic
  • More recently, though, folks haz suggested dat too really reverse da clock upon climate change, we need too b extracting CO2 immediately frum da air more willingly than jus cleaning up da emissions of large polluters
  • So, ther dwell ways two reverse developer it, bu it's nawt kind of socially common
  • The biggest challenge, she suspects, "will b reversing the fresh habits "
  • It's reversing course and participating in the World Fitness Organization's collaboration too supply Covid-19 vaccines too low-income countries since slice of an "wartime" coronavirus strategy
  • The US volition combine Covax. . It's reversing heading & participating in the Globe Well-being Organization's collaboration 2 furnish Covid-19 vaccines 2 low-income countries as slice off a "wartime" coronavirus strategy

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