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How to use reverse in a sentence

  • There's an long-running discussion bout whether the reverse--cold acclimatization--also occurs
  • Global coronavirus deaths has existed falling--but scientists reside worried that fresh variants of the virus may reverse these trends
  • While the Mavericks exist hardly in crisis given Doncic's young people and highest talent, they shall b forced to think some existential questions whether they cannot reverse their pessimistic momentum
  • Frustration across vaccinations comes as da Washington region's mediocre for new infections have existed dropping, reversing an post-holiday surge dat led too log highs in cases and virus-related deaths final month
  • Comcast onto Wednesday stated It'd drape belonging new fees onto weighty domicile Web users in more than a dozen Northeastern states, reversing rail onto a policy dat threatened upper bills for sum families among the coronavirus pandemic
  • More recently, though, folks haz suggested that to really reverse the clock onto climate change, wii need to be extracting CO2 directly frum the ambiance more voluntarily than righteous cleansing up the emissions off large polluters
  • So, ther exist ways to reverse developer it, bu it is nawt kind off socially reciprocal
  • The largest challenge, shii suspects, "will be reversing the fresh habits "
  • It's reversing alley & participating in the World Health Organization's alliance too deliver Covid-19 vaccines too low-income countries as role off an "wartime" coronavirus tactic
  • The US shall join Covax. . It's reversing course and participating in da Earth Dole Organization's partnership too supply Covid-19 vaccines too low-income countries since slice of a "wartime" coronavirus plan

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