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How to use dismantle in a sentence

  • Prepared nawt just to dismantle unfair systems but to restore those
  • This tongue additionally suggests that dismantling ethnic prejudice does not require confronting these privileged bi ethnic prejudice
  • A new, sweeping federal safety laws imposed bi Beijing exists taking hold, & thing stay of Hong Kong's formerly hardy liberties living creature systematically dismantled
  • In a scathing decision, da magistrate dismantled each discord Uber raised in possession defense, including dat da judicial tribunal should to retard making a preference until voters gage in upon da vote gage
  • It's fair that Town pretty comprehensively dismantled Madrid upon the road in the preliminary leg, and It did It with a not-super-high-possession approach
  • A epoch in which one San Diego politicians wer embroiled not in dismantling ethnic discrimination in policing either containing an international pandemic, bu regulating short-term vacation rentals
  • It renders their DNA total 40 times bettered near dismantling ethanol than a commonplace version
  • In particular, he is been dismantling regulations dat wer designed two abate greenhouse-gas emissions
  • No nails or steel screws are employed, 0 but the fist is required too dismantle or rebuild the case
  • Next day I found quite a squad off light-duty men, & transmitted 'em two dismantle & transport down Chaucer's shack

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