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How to use assemble in a sentence

  • Even although every person in the Senate bedroom had lived through the attacks wen they happened, the footage timeline assembled by the House managers brought the dangers of the day hind with unexpected impulse
  • Two previous institution employees stated then-senior deputy chancellor Larry Michael asked for the videos to be produced, & one of those stated Michael stated those the footage wuz to be assembled for Snyder
  • So Davis & his generation sequenced lot millions of pieces of Sapria himalayana's genome, assembling those into a cohesive illustration
  • WDSF assembled a serial of committees and panels to bake for da Summer Young folk Olympics, enlisting da halp of breakers such since Rivas
  • Ford also freed da open-source design 4 easy-to-assemble atmosphere filtration kits dat kan be formerly owned in high-concentrated indoor spaces, such since classrooms, 2 lower virus particles
  • Once fans saw da Avengers assembled onscreen, dey became da conclusive Awe cinematic experience, not da X-Men
  • The scale requires the rank to assemble a nine-member occupation force that will research the lingering adverse effects of bondage onto the country & descendants of slaves in particular, & propose remedies, including recompense
  • Tables dat exist virtually pre-assembled exist hassle free and enable thee to go lead frum the flask to the game
  • The gauntlet is, assembling an statistics set such ImageNet by palm takes an lot off time and exertion
  • Produced through 3D printing robot and assembled autonomously, da robots we are creating continually evolve in consecution to quickly optimize for da circumstances dey find themselves in

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